Lifeforce Jazz Production Services

LFJ provides jazz artists with practical alternatives to major label deals, by applying the simple, but effective “strength in numbers” approach to producing, packaging and marketing jazz products. While we concentrate on lowering costs for our participants, we maintain an overall quality level that meets the same industry standards as major record companies. Our three-phase program is outlined as follows:

Audio/Video Production

The Lifeforce Jazz “Inner Circle,” consists of several affiliate production facilities with a active roster of renowned engineers located throughout the country, offering special rates to LFJ participants. Post-production mixing, editing and mastering are handled in house. We have an audiophile attitude with respect to all audio and video projects. We therefore specialize in and encourage remote (live) on-location recording whenever possible. Our recording sciences department has devoted many hours to the research and development of live recording and mastering techniques, producing optimum quality in any given situation.o style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Manufacturing & Packaging

LFJ has established working agreements with over fifteen (15) manufacturing plants throughout the world, specializing in CD replication, cassette/video duplication and product packaging. In addition, we are constantly updating our in-house equipment to expand and expedite our service capabilities. Design, graphics, layout and printing services are contracted and handled in-house. Full service agreements are supported by one-stop project management including pre and post-production consultation for in-studio and on-location projects.


Anyone familiar with the music industry knows that distribution is the name of the game. Most available statistics indicate that for many reasons, jazz is not as commercially successful as other music genres. Even though jazz is popular enough throughout the world to be deemed America’s National Treasure, it is extremely difficult to level the distribution playing field. Yet, there is an audience for jazz and consequently some demand for jazz products. Before developing the LFJ approach to marketing, promoting and distributing jazz, we had to recognize and accept the aforementioned facts, and begin to build upon the following realities:


  • LFJ is dedicated to cultural enrichment, artistic integrity and preserving the tradition of a particular American art form deserving of wider recognition.
  • Because jazz is defined, categorized and interpreted many different ways, LifeForce focuses on acoustic, jazz that is deeply rooted in African rhythmic traditions and embellished with African American improvisational style.
  • LFJ is spiritual, intellectual, emotional and inspirational music derived from a unique blend of revolutionary experiences and creative ideas. It delivers a collective and functional message with therapeutic and healing qualities. Support for this kind of music and its production is usually motivated by aesthetic rather than commercial or entertainment values.
  • With jazz consisting of a small niche in the music marketing industry, the goal of LFJ is to realistically recognize and identify that niche, and to establish a world-wide network of independent producers, distributors, retailers, radio stations, publications, internet, etc., with specific interests in supporting LFJ affiliated artists, labels and catalogs.
  • LFJ bridges the gap between artists and industry, coordinating the efforts of all those sharing similar concepts (both individuals and organizations), targeting markets through a non-profit center for jazz.