The Lifeforce Jazz Story

LifeForce Jazz is the world’s #1 collective of jazz artists organized to holistically present and promote creative music as an essential component of wellness! An innovative catalog of rare jazz CD’s featuring healing music from the San Francisco bay area & beyond!

The fine arts have always been supported by smaller populations of refined citizens who appreciate aesthetics and have a natural affinity for cultural enrichment. Due to modern society’s unhealthy obsession with lewd commercialism, the most popular perceptions of music these days are based on entertainment values. The true science and art of organized sound, movement and color are rarely considered in the production of music promoted to the largest segment of the population for mere entertainment purposes. Holistic benefits of music to the sub-conscious mind, psyche and soul, begins with distinguishing the purposes of art and entertainment and making conscious efforts to refine the listening process. Since music is primarily an auditory medium, the aforementioned benefits are usually sacrificed for physical excitement and energy generated by hype, hoopla and visual sensationalism in the world of entertainment.

Of the many different genres and categories in commercial music today, so-called jazz is the most influential world wide, yet the lack of economic support gives the impression that jazz is the least appreciated music art form in America even though the National Endowment for the Arts has declared jazz a National Treasure. As a result, jazz artists (true to the art form) rarely experience the commercial success enjoyed by artists primarily known for their association with more popular music genres. However, the natural freedom and versatility of expression associated with music commonly referred to as jazz, opens up realms of spiritual possibilities that have yet to be fully explored.

LifeForce Jazz is a collective of artists dedicated to exploring healing powers associated with natural creativity and spontaneity in music. While we recognize and even appreciate some commercial values in music entertainment, we also realize and understand the higher calling to produce music with a greater purpose. Although it is a continuous struggle, most LifeForce Jazz artists balance time between involvement with entertainment music for day-to-day survival and creating more spiritually inspired music for artistic satisfaction, peace of mind and even physical well being. Projects featured on this website are personal visions and wellness experiences of producing artists, not driven by commercial appeal. Yet, the caliber of artistry and quality of production makes it possible for projects to gain a modicum of commercial success. The bottom line is, this is not “art for arts’ sake” and the natural laws governing scientific approaches to this method are universal. It is about achieving and maintaining wellness through the prescribed application of the appropriate combinations of sound vibrations (music), also perceived as healing remedies for the soul. We believe music heals the soul!